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Nazi Lesbian Vampires

In the darkest months of WWII, as the Nazi forces creep across Europe like the plague, SS-Gruppenführer Reinhard Heydrich uncovers a secret weapon with the potential to permanently change the course of the war.
Legend tells of a remote castle hidden deep within the Carpathian Mountains. Beneath it dwells an ancient evil: a master vampire, known only as the Count, and his six beautiful concubines. On Hitler’s orders, Heydrich is tasked with finding them and bringing them back to Berlin.
However, while awakening vampires is one thing, controlling them is quite another, particularly ones that are ravenous and full of lust after years of slumber. After all, strong, healthy young soldiers provide such better sustenance—and fun—than malnourished prisoners or demoralized citizens.
Very soon, the Nazis will learn exactly who the true “master race” is. And to their horror, they will discover that in their blind grasping for domination, they may have just unleashed hell on earth.

Available in Paperback or as an E-book.

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Author: Steve

Stephen Hernandez is a translator, interpreter, and author. He also ran a night club in one of the most dangerous towns on the eastern coast of Venezuela. He is also a cancer survivor and concluded that having a terminal illness was far less dangerous than running a night club in Venezuela.

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